Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dell Can't Read "CANCEL"

Location: Ontario, Toronto - GTA
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: Dell Computers

In early March, I ordered a core i7 computer system online through Dell. It was a promising beast, lots of features, and an upgrade I was long in need of.

2 weeks after the order had been put in, it was -still- showing in the status as "In production". According to their own stage descriptions, in production is the assembly and then 48 hr burn in of the computer. As one who works in tech support, I know it does not take 2 weeks to assemble the machine. I complain, asking why its stuck there.

Reply 1 - its fine, everything is progressing.

Two days later I complain again that nothing is changed, and it is now about to miss the promised delivery date.

Reply 2 - its fine.

Two days later, its still In production, so I send my FIRST message to say I've had it, its just shy of 3 weeks, and no progress, no answers, so cancel the order. I will not be doing business with Dell.

Reply 3 - we can't cancel it, its already "locked in". A parts shortage has caused a delay. New delivery date is now May (2 months after the original order date).

Here is where the lies just get worse. For one, a product does not, according to -their own status descriptions- go in to production unless all parts of assembly are in hand. So in fact, my machine was never in production, it was pre-assembly stage for 3 weeks, and would be for about 3 more. "Locked In" is an appropriate description then isn't it? I tell them forget it, there is no way I am being forced to do business with you.

Reply 4 - sorry for your trouble, the order can't be cancelled.

Yes it can. Its not even ready to go anywhere. I am not paying for it. I am not accepting it.

Reply 5 - sorry for your trouble, the order can't be cancelled.

I should point out at this time, that "Kamal" seems to have no means to understand the english language. I again tell him/Dell I am not doing business with them (in much stronger words I can't type here). I contact my credit card company to forwarn them I will dispute any charge appearing from Dell and will provide e-mails to prove it.

Roundup - 3 more replies refuse to stop the order, 4th week in, it all of a sudden goes to shipping mode, and the billing appears on my card. I'll tell you how it finishes as soon as I know...


  1. Dell Canada is awful. Just had an issue with them myself with similar results.

  2. Dell Canada sucks!

  3. Please do tell what was the outcome? Seems they (Dell Canada) does this way too often. Would love to know what happened. Good luck with the jerk offs! ;)