Tuesday, May 5, 2009

World Finance in Tyler, TX

Location: Other, Tyler, TX
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: The Manager

I had previously opened up a loan at this loan company. My dad needed money because times were tough so I opened the loan up under my name and he paid on it. Since he was taking care of the loan I didn't worry about it. When I walked in today I asked to get a loan, gave the assistant manager my name, and he said they would have to run an application. The reason I had gone into the loan company this time around was because I got a flyer in the mail saying I could get a large loan. I wanted to help out my dad again since he had gotten laid off from his job recently so I wanted to give him a little extra help. The manager heard my name and yelled out No! I told your dad we would never open up a loan in your name again because your dad had to pay your loan out for you and no you can never get a loan here because you were late and you made our office suffer and we aren't going to give you a loan. I told the manager that I was sorry, that I didn't know that my dad was behind on the payments, that I had gotten the loan to help him and he had told me he was going to pay the loan off so I never worried about the loan. She told me my credit was now super bad due to world finance and that I was never going to get good credit and that they would never ever let me borrow money and she kept on and on and on and on.The manager was super rude, made me feel like trash, and spoke to me very arrogantly and unchristian like. I didn't know what was going on with that loan and figured it got paid out on time.My dad never told me about being behind. The fact was the loan was paid out. I know that I should have checked up on this loan but things happen and you worry about other things. I understand that in great part it was my fault that I now have bad credit but this does not give this lady the right to speak to me the way she did. I not only felt hate from her but also racism. She could have told me in a nice manner or in a strict manner but not in the hateful tone of voice that she did. I believe that loan companies exsist in order to help those in need out. This lady could have talked to me in a professional manner but she was very vulgar and low-class. What makes me feel horrible was the way she looked me up and down and made me feel like I was nothing. All I wanted to do was help my father out and she made me feel like a horrible person. I just wanted to let you the world know that this lady is unchristian like and is not someone you would want to deal with.... What hurts the most is that my dad still has an open loan with them. He will have to deal with her horrible way of treating people who are late on their payments due to things outside of their reach. My mission now is to work hard to help my dad pay off his loan with this company so that he will never have to converse with such a spiteful, unprofessional, unchristianlike person who does not know how to truly help and serve those in need.

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