Thursday, September 17, 2009

Calgary Parking Authority on line fees

Location: Alberta, Calgary
Industry: Government
Annoyed By: Calgary Parking Authority

It is astounding that they would charge a fee for someone to pay a ticket online. It is way less costly for them to process payments this way since it is all automatic, and therefore a service fee should not exist. It should in fact be discounted from paying by mail. I understand that there is a charge as the merchant for using credit cards, BUT If I came in person and used VISA would they charge me a service fee? No.

As a result, I am registering my complaint, and paying my fee by mail. Hopefully it will cost themmore than $3.00 to process it using a human being to open the envelope and process the ticket, to review this e-mail and forward it along to the appropriate individuals in the appropriate departments instead of choosing the right policy in the first place. It costs me about $.50 to put a stamp on an envelope. I already have the chequing account and those fees are fixed. Every once in a while I go to the mailbox on my way downtown, so it adds a few more seconds to the trip. I will take my accountant a little longer to process the chequing on my books, as opposed to downloading the VISA statement and recording those electronically though. So it's all less efficient for me too.

Maybe if enough people protest this flagrant fee grab they will change their policies!

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  1. Yeah an extra $3 for what doing less work? Thanks for charging more then you deserve CPA!