Friday, December 31, 2010


Location: Ontario, Richmond Hill
Industry: Health
Annoyed By: GOODLIFE

I have to let someone know that I have never had someone steal from me and actually acknowledge that they did and tell me that there isn't anything that they could do about it.
I joined the gym in Sept 2009, the year that I decided to go back to school after 7 years to do something that I've always wanted to do. Become a teacher. I knew that it was going to be tough to make time for it especially with a busy year of teacher's college and on a tight budget since I wasn't going to be working. But I made a careful budget decision and knew that I had to be dedicated and do things for me. 

So sometime in Jan/Feb, I went to the bodyjam class and rolled over my ankle. It wasn't fun. Because the goodlife that I usually went to was located in the basement, I had to climb up a flight of stairs to get home. I wasn't sure if was broken or not at the time but it sure hurt. A lot.
Sure enough I woke up the next day with the fattest bruised ankle that I've ever seen. I could barely walk on it. When I went to the doctors he told me that I had sprained it and when I inquired about the gym he said I wouldn't be able to go for a very long time. 

It wasn't the happiest of time cause the weather wasn't so great and practicing teaching and going to school at the same time was hard.

In July, I felt better enough to head back to the gym. When I got there I had inquired about the lost time and the girl at the desk said that I should have asked the gym to have held my membership since my ankle was sprained. It occurred to me then why didn't someone tell me about it 6 months ago when I was stumbling out of the gym. I was a little upset at this point. The girl said the manager wasn't in but I could call some number she gave me to see what they could do.
So I talked to someone over the phone about what had happened. They said that they couldn't do anything about it cause I didn't say anything at the time that it had happened. Really, I wondered, that isn't very nice. So over the phone, I said that after my year with goodlife which was to end in september I would no longer be coming back and that I would like to cancel my membership.

I went in once after and was so disappointed with the service that I couldn't even bother to stay. I told myself I made a poor decision and just to forget about this whole experience. 

But wait... day before new years eve and I get a bbm from my friend that my membership was under and she's telling me that I owe her some money cause goodlife has been taking it out under my name. WHAT? You would think, cause I cancelled my membership already how could this be?

I call the 1-800 number and they tell me that there is no record of my call, tells me the membership is cancelled but there isn't anything she can do cause she doesn't have a record and that I would need to call my home store. I call the home store, the manager is busy, I explain the situation to the girl who answers. She tells me that the manager will have to call me back.
I wait.. about an hour.

Manager calls me back.

I explain to her the situation but there isn't anything she can do except refund me the months that I missed from my injury as long as I get a doctor's note.

Fine.. that's nice..

But the three months that I wasn't a member at goodlife, I still have to pay because there is no record of my phone call. Someone clearly dropped the ball on this one and I have to pay for it...
What is a goodlife? For me it was about a frustrated and stressful time. Goodlife didn't give me a healthier, happier life. Getting fit wasn't fun, it wasn't easy or affordable. I really do feel like goodlife stole from me, acknowledge that goodlife did and that there isn't anything goodlife could do about it.

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