Friday, February 25, 2011

Deep End of the Hot Tub

Location: Other, Chaarlestown, WV
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Spa Man Inc - Chris Billek

Long, long story that I will try to shorten.

1. Bought Hot Tub 4/09. Very happy.
2. Dealer that sold hot tub sells business to 4 Outdoors. Not concerned.
3. Speakers go on hot tub 1/10. 4 Outdoors can't handle service call. Not happy! Speakers get fixed by someone else.
4. 10/10 a valve breaks and the pump cover needs replacing.
This is where the fun really begins. Dynasty Spa refers me to 4 Outdoor for repair despite the fact that I mentioned previous problem with service.
4 Outdoor sends Spa Man, Chris Billek to fix the problem. He cancels four separate appointment times because he sick. Okay, fine. Everyone gets sick BUT when he finally arrives he takes the part and I pay him a trip charge of $65. He does not reply to me about replacement for two weeks. I phoned 4 Outdoor and they get back to me with ridiculous nonsense. They say I need to pay him - I already did in form of a personal check!!
Finally fed up with 4 Outdoor (specializing in sheds). We contact Chris Billek, Spa Man Inc. He says he can't order part because 4 Outdoor won't pay him. Again, I have paid him. I remind him of this detail and he agrees to order part as long as I send him a check to pay for the part. He is concerned that he'll order part and I won't pay for it. I send $50 check to him on 11/30/10.
On 12/04/10 He calls and says part has been ordered.
On 12/14/10 I start making phone calls to him to ask about the part. Every couple of days I ask.
12/20/10 the part is in but he is not working the week of Christmas. He will put me in the schedule the first week of January 2011. I wait until 1/4/11 and call to find out when he is arriving. He is "still getting up to speed" he says. Chris Billek says he'll be out the following week. That goes on for the next three weeks until I have an appointment on the books for Thursday 1/27/11 @ 10:00 am. We agreed on the appointment on Friday 1/21.
I have given an ultimatum at this point of come install the part or give it to me. Chris Billek, Spa Man Inc., says he will come and install it. I state that if the appointment is cancelled I will deduct 10% each time.
Of course on 1/26/11 he cancels the appointment saying that he is sick and will come on Friday, 1/27. He cancels again and reschedules for Monday 1/28.
Guess what happened this morning? He calls and leaves a message that he won't be able to come today!! NOT an option. When I return the call there is no answer from Spa Man Inc, Chris Billek. A message is left that he either comes to fix the hot tub or I will meet him to get the part that I have payed for. There are no other options.
Chris Billek finally calls me back at the time he is supposed to be at my house. He says he come. Two minutes later he calls again to ask if I have the money to pay him - CASH.
Yes, I have it.
Ten minutes later he calls again to say that he doesn't have the part!! What? What? I go off the deep end. Unacceptable I tell him. He has to meet me to refund my money. He says he'll have to send me a check. UNACCEPTABLE. I will not wait for him to send a check for I have waited to get the ever loving part in the first place. I don't trust that a check will be mailed. No. You are either here with my part or I am coming to you to get it. I tell him address, 432 Windsong Road, Harper's Ferry, WV. I promise that if I don't have a part or cash today, 1/31, I will file legal action against him.
Chris Billek, Spa Man Inc, says"Oh, let me see if this one will work he says. Nope that is too big." He struggles again and tries to get out of it. Finally concedes to call me back. He has a part and will come to fix the tub. Shows up an hour later and installs the part.
I pay him the cash he has requested less the 20% for the cancelled appointments.
I will NEVER use Chris Billek, Spa Man Inc again. I can't even tell if the hot tub works and his work is acceptable because I can't fill the hot tub in the cold.

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