Friday, February 25, 2011

PCSX2 is for suckers.

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Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: PCSX2

PCSX2 is a PS2 simulator for people to download if they wish to play their PS2 games on their computer. I let my younger sister borrow my PS2 over her Winter Break and during that time I really had the urge to play a game on it. 

So, I found this site and let me tell you, if you need help with ANYTHING, don't hold your breath. The moderators are snobby jerks who think they're gods on earth and instead of help you, they will insult you and accuse you of misdeeds! The nerve!! I own both the PS2 and the game I wanted to play and they accuse me of theft? They're the ones that put the tool out there for people who do not have the equipment legally to use, not me.

So anyways, they are terrible people, PCSX2 doesn't work that well anyways (seriously, it's much more worth it to just buy myself another PS2 than fight with these idiots). 

And to top it off, yes they offer their tool for free, but they want donations? Certainly not! Not for customer service like that.

I will never deal with them again, and I suggest you do not either.

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