Saturday, July 16, 2011

Staples doesn't have an easy button

Location: New Brunswick, Moncton
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Staples Business Depot and Toshiba

Got a lovely Toshiba Lap top for Christmas. My wife paid $1016.92 for this unit...dead in two months; I mean DEAD! But, I didn't buy the "blackmail" warranty. So, no instant replacement; no money back and Moncton Staples says I don't have a leg to stand on..poor me. But they did agree to set it on a journey because it IS under warranty, first to Halifax. After a month, no response, Staples says replaced every major component...still won't start, they send to TOSHIBA. Moncton Staples says "you handle it from here" me some phone number, some names, but doesn't tell me they're all just numbers...not really anybody back there. Wrote to Staples head office...won't even acknowlege receiving my emails....what's next for me? Doesn't look good...but for you...don't buy at Staples and never buy TOSHIBA!!!

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