Saturday, July 16, 2011

Money & only money is what WINNERS stores SEE.

Location: Ontario, St.Catharines
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Bad service.

I recently bought some items at one of winners stores.
Included was a shirt ,which the store Clerk forgot to remove the security PIN ,
I returned to the store to ask for that PIN to be removed,Instead of getting that done I Got to receive a lesson in Bad attitude from the Clerk on duty the second day.
When I asked for the store mananger or for Customer service I was told to wait in line.
Which I did ,and after being served and the Pin removed there was no manager .I asked why the manager was not being called,
I was simply being told to leave ,cause customers are waiting in line and needs to be served..
I refused unless the manager was dispatched and replied I am a customer too.and I am not done.unless I speak with the manager.
Manager arrived after being called in ,and to my surprise the whole team acted like a pack of COYOTES.
I simply do not understand how WINNERS HIRE their store managers and employees do they scoop them from the street.without any education or experience!!!!
What this manager did not realise coming back to a store again and waiting in line for a 2nd day is unfair.
especially when it is their mistake,and instead of fixing this mistake they give attitude to clients.
I do hold a degree in international business,I do have two running businesses.
thats not the way I treat my customers,but obviously thats how WINNERS Employees do.
so thats a reflection of WINNERS as well.

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  1. I agree. I had issues at one of the Winners stores in Edmonton Alberta. I was there yesterday and got a reminder as to why I had stopped shopping at Winners. I was followed around by an individual who was obviously store security and got little satisfaction when I tried to speak to the manager on duty. I have zero tolerance for blatant disrespect for me as a customer. I don't need to shop at winners. I am an educated, law abiding citizen who will spend my money anywhere but at Winners. Lack of courtesy, lack of proper management and little respect for customers are things consumers don't have to tolerate.