Thursday, July 7, 2011

struck in fernie

Location: British Columbia, Fernie
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: salesman

Our ram truck would only go in second gear, so we drove one hour to Fernie dodge garage. The saleman laughed, we have three mechanics on staff but you can't see one until the middle of July. Big joke, well he wasn't kidding,he told my husband to save some money crawl under the truck himself and get his wife to fool around with the gear shift and maybe he could see what was wrong, with no tools and in shorts and a t-shirt. No one would look at the truck or anything, so we said we would drive to the Pass and he asked what would we do in the Pass, which my husband replied, see a mechanic. Well we couldn't shut the truck off or put it in park or neutral to get the key out, he didn't even realize that, but don't call a mechanic, just make a ass out of youself. Thanks a lot, we got to the Pass and recieved help right away even through it was closing time. So much for shopping local when you are travelling, try to make it home.

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