Monday, June 17, 2013

Dell Does Not Want Your Business

Location: Nova Scotia, Country
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: Dell Canada

Here's my story. It's absolutely true.

I ordered a desktop and monitor from Dell. The sales person (Gaby) was excellent. She helped me get a great system at a great price. I received my order confirmations and paid by Visa. I also got a tracking number and an ETA of May 20 2013. So... I dutifully checked on the tracking site. Order processed... but not shipping. OK, I waited another day or two, checking now and then. Still not shipping.
I called customer support. That's when things went south. The lady on the other end confirmed everything about me... credit card details, shipping address, home address and then asked what telephone # I was calling from. I was calling from home. She noted my home # was different from my office #. Well I can't talk to you on this number (this is true...I'm not kidding). I said..."Look we've already determined I'm the customer and I've already paid for the system. What difference if I'm calling from my home phone?" She asked me to go to my office and call back. I again expressed disbelief that this should be a concern to her. She refused to talk to me because I was calling from a different #. At this point, I admit, I got a little testy. I asked her what kind of crazy bureaucracy they had going on at Dell. I asked to speak to a manager. She refused to transfer the call. I asked her if she could at least tell shipping to move the order along. She also refused to do that.
So I said good bye and emailed my sales rep. She said she would see what she could do to help.
Then I got a voice mail on the long weekend (here in Canada... Victoria Day.. May 19). It was my dear overseas friend from customer support. Her message, "Call me at ...#### ext ####. If I don't hear from you I am going to cancel your order. Click." Monday was a holiday. I called back Tuesday and got a Dell manager (also overseas) to complain about the service and very rude customer support lady.

Guess what... my order was cancelled. The manager was 'very sorry' and "no, you don't have to call from your office if you need service", etc. But he couldn't help me at this point. I had to go to Resolution Services because I was on some kind of black list. I guess that's where Dell sends you now if you dare ask why your computer isn't shipping.

BTW.. I ordered a different system from a competing brand.


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