Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I hate Shaw Cable

Location: British Columbia, Vancouver
Industry: Telecom
Company: Shaw Cable

We signed up for Shaw hi-speed internet a year ago. At the same time, they persuaded us to move to an e-bill which, we were never able to log into. So, after 3 attempts to make the switch back, they finally began to send us a paper bill.

This is when we learned they used a negative option billing
scam to "upgrade" us to High speed Xtreme cable for an extra $120.00 a year. As if this isn't bad enough, the cable is slow when it works and crashes at least twice a day, every day. Despite dozens of phone calls to Shaw, there seems to be no remedy....hardly "Xtreme" service. Xtremely bad service.

When I called to get an explanation and a refund on the extra charge, they claim to have lost records of the transactions, meaning they don't want to give me a refund, because I can't prove I didn't ask for the upgrade.

Shaw Cable sucks!

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