Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Terrible service at Staples

Location: British Columbia, Vancouver
Industry: Retail mv
Company: Staples the Business Depot

I ordered a desktop computer from Staples with the very firm promise it would be delivered the next day. I sat at home for the whole day: no computer arrived. At the end of the day, I called, received no apology whatsoever, and decided to cancel the order.

Several days later I checked my Visa account and saw that the $1500 charge from Staples was still on my bill. I called to complain. One week later, the charge was still there. I called the end it took Staples FIVE WEEKS to reverse the charge for the computer they never bothered to deliver. In other words, they basically took out a loan at my expense.
At no point during this process, did I ever receive so much as an apology.

I buy a lot of office supplies, but, even though it will be inconvenient, I will NEVER spend another penny at Staples.


  1. I assume these were ordered online?If the charges weren't reversed within 2 weeks, I would of called up Visa and got them to do a chargeback. That, or call them up, speak to a manager and tell them to refund the money ASAP - if not you will sue! You'll get a refund that same day.

  2. Had the same thing happen with a Thinkpad I ordered a little over a year ago. Ordered it online, waited around home the day they said it would be delivered. Nothin'. Called and was told there was a computer problem at the warehouse and nothing was delivered that day. I would be sure to get it on Monday. So I call Monday morning to verify it would be coming to my door that day, and they didn't know. I asked it they could just cancel it, and replied "no problem". So I ordered a Macbook directly from Apple. Right after I do that, the Thinkpad arrives at my door, which I refuse. Took a month for them to remove the charge from my card.