Friday, October 12, 2007

Artist specific store

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Other mv md

I went downtown today to a store that specializes in items that I need for my business (I am an artist). I have been told repeatedly that the service is a little lousy, but their prices more than make up for it.

Boy were all those people wrong. Service that lousy is not worth saving a few dollar!

I got down there and was buzzed in to the shop. I got in and the guy stares at me, asks if I am "in the business" when I say yes and that I am licensed to buy wholesale. I also add that I had never been to this particular shop before and was not sure what their protocol was. He says ok, shruggs and walks away. I continue into the store.

He then rudely informs me that I need to put my purse in the locker and there is a key. I look around, I see the lockers, ok, no sweat. Uh oh. None of them have keys. I ask where the keys are, he rolls his eyes and points in a totally different direction from where the lockers are.

I start looking around, choosing different things. Clearly I am struggling to carry it all. Finally he pulls a basket from behind the counter and says I can use it.

I ask how pricing works, then go on. On the bins there are so many numbers I have no idea how to read them. I am not exactly new to the business, but I have never seen anything even remotely like this.

Finally I get everything I need and go to pay. I get told that it has to be organized and weighed "over there" first. 4 workers in the shop. 2 customers.

I waited 20 minutes for one to notice I was waiting for service (and I called and asked for attention 3 times).

I finally got service, and went to take it all to pay. I just wanted to get out of there.

I got a pen for being a first (and last) time customer.


  1. Why did you give them the satisfaction of the sale? I would of dropped everything on the floor, grabbed your purse and left.

  2. I needed the stuff and had spent an hour and a half getting it all together. I won't go back, and have told anyone in the industry I have spoken to, but leaving without the order, late in the day when I had a commission to finish was just not an option :(

  3. Where's this store !?

  4. Why were you waiting for 20 mins? Were all 4 employees busy doing something and ignoring you? Seems kinda ridiculas. Mabey perhaps you needed to be more vocally firm (in an angry tone of voice) and demand service. Unless there was a lineup of customers, I would of yelled out after 5 mins "How long does it take to get some f'ing service around here?"

  5. lol, I thought about it, but a) I am a total wuss, and b) I had been warned in advance that the service sucked and thought I was prepared for that.

  6. 55 Queen West or 55 Queen East?
    I need to spread the word because I have friends who also frequent art supply stores!