Monday, February 25, 2008

Chrysler - Bad Manufacturing, Unreliable & Poor Quality Vehicles

Location: Ontario, Waterloo
Industry: Automotive
Company: Chrysler
Annoyed by: Poor Quality, Bad Manufacturing and inability to make things right mv

So we signed a lease contract with Chrysler that legally binds us to pay Chrysler the terms set our in agreements. Therefore i believe taht Chrysler should provide us, the customer with a reliable, quality vehicle in accordance with that same contract.

I have a Fully Loaded 2005 Grand Cherokee Ltd 5.7 HEMI.

This vehicle over the last 18 months alone has been into the shop 12 times. The vehicle is regularly serviced (in accordance with my agreement with Chrysler) but due to the manufacturing of the vehicle and the parts suppliers I have had (not an fully inclusive list, but you get the jist) the Starter Motor replaced twice, the battery, the Crank Shaft Sensor Sensor Replaced, The P/S Pump & Pulley Replaced - each of these have been replaced under warranty as expected but these are things that should not have gone wrong on a vehicle of this age and as such the car had to be placed on a FLATBED TOW TRUCK each time and returned to the dealer. This last breakdown occurred last week in the middle of nowehere, in -10 celsius and with a 10wk old baby.

This car has also had to have new 'LIFETIME' guaranteed brakes replaced THREE times at the front and TWICE at the back due to faulty parts.

We should not have to pay $900 per month for an unreliable vehicle and I will be doing eveyrthing in my power by going through CAMVAP and yourselves to ensure that these kind of problems are brought to the attention of Chrysler so that they never need happen again.

With the social networking tools that are available to us today (such as Facebook) and we should be able to provide pressure on companies like Chrysler so that they start to live up to their side of their very own contracts and agreements.

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