Monday, May 19, 2008

The Ranger

Location: Other, Laramie, WY
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed by: Allison (bartender & friends) mv

My husband have been patrons of the bar portion of this business for close to a decade now. My husband even longer for he lived in this town since he was 10. We went in on Sunday to see the end of the Celtics game 7 and to have a drink. Allison and her two male buddies were already there fairly liquored up and we sat near the nearest t.v. to watch the last few minutes. We ordered our drinks and my husband proceeded to play some tunes, since we noticed that others were allowed to play fairly loud music upon entering the establishment. I just had a FEELING it was going to be turned down. For I have noticed certain "airs" with other bartenders towards my husband. We live in a somewhat small town that seems to have taken issue with the fact that my husband has brown skin. Sure enough the music was turned down because it was requested by one of Allison's friends and we asked why this was done. When we were ready to deal with it and watch the game the bigger of the two guys said something to the effect that he and his friend would have to kick my husband's expletive. There being two of them my husband had to act in self defense. The bartender not only tried to take her friend's (aka the instigator's side) but also proceed to make it look like it was my husband that started the trouble. The gentleman from the liquor store, thank goodness, was all about solving the problem and got us out of there. We left peacefully trying to get into our vehicle. Well the bigger of the two guys followed us and started in on us again. His friend came out as well and it seemed like a threatening situation once more. I was busy yelling at Allison who not only should of stayed in the bar but keep her hot headed friends in there as well. We ended up hiding because one of the guys threatened my husband with a gun. Great RELAXING atmostphere right?! Don't make ME LAUGH!!

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