Thursday, May 22, 2008


Location: Ontario, thunder bay/toronto
Industry: Government

I'm need to get a longform birth certificate for a VISA application(to work another country).
I applied online through Service Ontario and I mistakenly forgot to put something on the application, so a week later, I received a correspondence letter from them and gave the proper information.

A couple of week later, I decided to call and see what was happening.... I had to deal with a rude operator that said that I could do nothing but wait 8 freaking weeks before I can receive the longform birth certificate. I was suppose to get it within 15 days! If I did not put in all the proper information...why was my application processed! It should have been rejected! Service Ontario is so freaking incompetent! I registered a complaint to the ombudsman of Ontario. I've wasted so much time.

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  1. I've been waiting for a new licence for weeks, too. When I went in to get a new photo, the woman said I should have it in a week. That was October.