Wednesday, January 7, 2009

USA DentalCare is a huge Rip-off. Beware!

Location: Other, Internet
Industry: Health
Annoyed By: Entire company

This is an internet company. My son signed up Sept 11 08 for a reduced-fee dental plan then changed his mind and canceled on Sept 17 08.
We called for a refund and was told only the first month's fee would be refunded and the enrollment fee wouldn't be and that policy was listed on the website. My son would receive his refund in 2-4 weeks.
I checked the entire website and found nothing of the sort so I emailed them detailing this and requesting an entire refund. Email came back us undeliverable.
So I phoned them again, got an answering machine. Never received a call back.
I've been emailing and phoning them since Sept (it's now mid-Jan 09) and get no response at all and no refund.

Rip- off company. There's no way to contact them, no business address. You get directed to a live chat page but no representive comes online. is the URL.

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