Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sundane 6 month "string a-long"

Location: Other, Smith Mountain Lake, VA USA
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Sundance

I placed a Sundance catalog order in April 2010, Shortly thereafter I received an e-mail informing me my product was "on backorder" and I would receive an e-mail reagrding when this product would be available.

I received another e-mail informing me to anticiapte a June re-stocking, each e-mail asked if I wished to cancel my order, I chose not to cancel as this item was for a May birthday present.

When I had not received my order in June, I called Sundance to inquire..they now anticiapted a July restocking..again I waited...

In July when I received another e-mail informing of an August 18 re-stocking.

Well to my surprise I received an e-mail dated August 2 now stating this order was "sold out" and no longer available !!

Gee 5 MONTHS of waiting only to be told it was SOLD my birthday boy is now disappointed,

I feel like a fool for believing the "back order" story. IF Sundance had been upfront and told me in any of the numerous e-mails that there was even a chance it might no longer be available I wouldn't be so upset.

I can understand an item being "sold out"

What I can understand is how company can "string" people along for 5 MONTHS and the say so sorry to bad you can't have what you ordered 5 MONTHS ago !!!

I am hoping this story will prevent another victim of a "Sundance promise".

Please do not fall for the "back ordered" story, just cancel your order or better yet do not order in the first place.

Thanks for listening..and be warned...of the "Sundance string along"

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