Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beat Weddings in London are a NIGHTMARE!!!!!

Location: Ontario, London
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Morgan/Owner of Beat Weddings

I just wanted to give all future brides and grooms a heads up in London, Ontario about this DJ company called "Beat Weddings".

We met them at the London Bridal Show in 2009, they seemed very professional and nice and knew what they where doing. I could not be so wrong!

A year went by until our wedding and just as it was coming close we had certain wants and needs and Morgan at Beat Weddings just made all these road blocks for us that we could not get a projector etc..meanwhile her Father who met us a year before said they will do whatever and anything they can to make our day "perfect"! HA!

Anyways, clearly we where having no luck with this Morgan so we had to rent our own equipment, fine!

The big day is finally here, August 14 2010. Morgan shows up and is missing quite a few songs I specifically asked for! I spent A LOT of time making a spread sheet etc. for what I wanted and it is was like she did not even look at it!

That is just the beginning people...she was afraid to talk and announce! and she had NO IDEA how to get a party started, no one was dancing or getting into it!
This is the BRIDESMAID who has some experience and knowledge in Djing had to step in and do HER JOB! She had to announce and pick the music and run the show while Morgan is just standing there looking like a deer in head lights! (useless!!!)
If I did not have my bridesmaid step in and do that it would have been quite a boring dance floor that I can almost guarantee.

She also, told my bridesmaid that she has never done a wedding like this and can't MC!
There was nothing complicated about our wedding, Portuguese wedding, approx. 200 people. REALLY?

Anyways, that was $700 we will never get back and was a complete waste, I regret ever considering this company and I hope you all NEVER have to deal with this amount of stupidity as we did that day.

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