Monday, March 12, 2012

bad service

Location: Other, CAPETOWN
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: vodacom

hi world I would like to tell you a story of a cellular company VODACOM that promises you the world and gave you a toilet yes vodacoms personell wipe theyre back sides on you and theyre chiefs who get an fat pay are even worse yes when you have a legit claim or an complaint they promise you dont worry you are an Valued customer but they never get back to you this is now going on since september 2011 and they just ignore you and hope you will go away but they forget the most important fact is that without a client they cant get pay they just do as they please and to hell with you well i have news for vodacom i am telling the world of theyre pathetic non existing service so let them feel where it hurts IN THE POCKET

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