Monday, August 20, 2012

Service -Onatrio abuse

Location: Ontario, Richmond Hill
Industry: Government
Annoyed By: Service Ontario worker

I was with my 3 and 1 year old waiting in line to get my kids health cards renewed when my daughter barely touched the man in front of us with her dress, he started yelling at us, telling us we need to give him his space and I told him that he should move away, its just kids (not like they were actually touching him. My kids are very well behaved, we even get compliments) So he started yelling things hysterically and when I told him to leave me alone in a normal voice he told me "Shut up f***** c**t" everyone is the room heard and grasped, my son got scared and started crying loudly and when I asked one the worker in Service Ontario kiosk if she could do something about him yelling she said I can just ignore him, then they offered if they can help him but everyone in line had to wait and then the same lady asked me to TAKE MY KIDS OUTSIDE!!!!because my son was still crying. I mean is it even legal to do that?! you can't ask someone to leave because your kids are crying, not only he started crying because the man inside was yelling at us!!!!

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