Sunday, September 9, 2007

'Downsized' products (all)

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Manufacturing

Who started this trend of giving less for the same money. For example, a jug of windshield washer fluid that used to be 2 Litres is now 1.89 Litres. Ok greedy rocket scientist yuppies, it costs money to reprint labels and produce slightly smaller jugs, not to mention modifications to the production lines (most likely serviced by over-payed union workers).
Here is another example, a 280 gram bag of Doritos used to be 300 grams for the same or less money. Are products going to shrink to smurf size or right out of existence completely?! Lame, very lame, any company partaking in this kind of rip-off should know you are not giving your existing customers reason to keep buying your products. Go on, keep 'downsizing' yourselves right out of business.

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