Sunday, September 9, 2007

Toronto Hydro is out of control

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Utilities
First I had to battle them to stop 'estimating' my bill (several years ago). Apparently it's ok for poor working people to 'loan' THEM money (my bills were always grossly OVER ESTIMATED). When they OVER CHARGE you, you are in effect, loaning THEM money at no interest. Insult to injury, if you pay that over estimated bill late, you are paying an interest fee penalty ON THE MONEY YOU ARE LOANING THEM. Well after threatening to expose this in a court of law, they installed a lock box for a key to the building for the meter reader to use. Case 2: Only months ago they replaced my meter with a so-called 'smart' meter. For some reason the old meter jumped ahead by 1000 kwh and they billed me for it. I phoned them and accused them of scamming me into paying for the new meter installation, they backed down again and scaled back my bill (I offered them to come and look inside my place to confirm I did not start a 'grow-op'). Case 3: This 'smart' meter has made my bills jump by 30 to 40%, I am not doing anything different, they are just a bill increase in disguise. Also, what the hell is "Loss Factor Adjustment", they multiply my reading by 1.0376 to add another 82 kwh to my last 'net' reading. Hey, don't other companies and utilities 'suck up' losses like this?! Then there is the "Debt Retirement" charge, umm hello, I am paying for bad management that happened BEFORE I became a Toronto Hydro customer?! Toronto Hydro are the biggest bunch of scamming boobs on the planet, I am moving to Mississauga just to get away from them and the filthy TTC.


  1. Not that I'm trying to convince you to stay in Toronto (because I don't care), but you won't escape the debt retirement charge in Mississauga (or for that matter anywhere else in Ontario).

    The "Loss Adjustment Factor" is larger there as well (1.0433 vs. your 1.0376 complaint; it's called "Adjustment Factor" there).

  2. i fully agree with you..we get screwed..same thing happened 2 months ago..500 bucks for real charges..