Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bell Sympatico and Microsatan, oops, I mean 'soft

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Telecom mv
Company: Bell Canada

First of all, Bell Sympatico moved to an smtphm based email server system WITHOUT WARNING ANYONE IN ADVANCE. Probably to weed out bogus and fraud accounts in the process (you are forced to phone the help people-who are in India and hard to understand). Anyway, I have not been impressed by Sympatico's partnership with the biggest thieving corporation on the planet (Microsoft) from day one.
Now, come to find out, they don't "officially support Mozilla Thunderbird". That means you can recieve email with Thunderbird on the smtphm server (complete with 'secure socket layer' protection, aka SSL) but you can't send with the same protocol, you have to use the old, insecure smtp1 server settings to send (actually, you have to change "TSL if available" to "No" also). This to me, is a blatant disregard for one of the most modern, safe, and functional email clients out there, any version of 'Outlook' is unsafe and lacking junk controls (don't know about now, maybe MS woke up and copied the competition AGAIN). Shame on you Bell, you made a deal with the devil and now you are losing my business. Funny part is, I hate Rogers more, but I hate Microsoft and its partners even more so Rogers wins. How frickin' sad is that?!

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  1. Hate all these BIG scumbags company too my friend. But Microsoft is about the best company out there. Google is the devil. Apple is Big Brother so is Google. Bell is the worst by far & Dell is getting up there. We are Canadians & Americans why make us talk to some east indian that knows nothing & is told not to help you. Its ok the more these big companies go this route the less customers they get! LMAO