Monday, October 8, 2007

How iHateBadService helps you get back at companies for dishing out poor service

Forget the sternly worded complaint letter, that’s so 20th century. These days, companies can pay a much bigger price for their customer service slip-ups. Thanks to the proliferation of blogs, a global audience is at the fingertips of every ticked-off consumer. Companies continue to learn the hard way that poor-customer-service complaints can make their way from niche web sites to network television.

Here's how we can help. Millions of smart consumers are using major search engines like Google when they are looking for product or service. That's why companies
are pouring tens of millions of dollars to get their websites listed on the first page of Google. On the other hand, with the launch of and the contributions from many of you, some of our bad service stories are already listed on first page of Google within a month since we launched ! Check it out !!

Search Keywords in Google
Listed on Google Page No.
kinkos yonge and eglinton 1 bad service 1
petro canada locations bc bad service 1
riverside doors kitchener 1
staple business depot bad service ontario 1
shopper drug mart scarborough different price 1
purchase shaw modem ontario 2
ll fornello's richmond hill 2
world fine cars toronto service 2
ramada plaza resorts ofv scam 2

So what would you do if you are a potential customer ?

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