Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Markham Honda

Location: Ontario, markham
Industry: Automotive

I bought my 'new' car over at Markham Honda a few months back. After a few days I noticed the car had quite a few minor scratches on it to be considered 'new'. There were minor scratches on the power windows, center console, and even the driver seat had some wear on it.
The kicker was when I noticed that even all four of the door handles were faintly cracked. It then occured to me that when I was in the showroom before there was a car which was the same colour at that time. However, when I purchased my car the car in the showroom was no longer there. I concluded that I was sold a showroom car and that was the reasoning behind all the minor scratches and broken door handles. I called Honda Canada about this and they did nothing. I emailed the manager over at Markham Honda and again no response. So buyer beware especially over at Markham Honda!

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  1. You should always do a thorough pre delivery inspection before driving off the lot. Had you spotted these defects right away you could have refused delivery and insisted they fix them/provide another vehicle