Friday, January 16, 2009

Apple and Microsoft

Location: Ontario, Brampton
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: Apple

I plug an iPod nano into my state of the art computer running Windows 2000 and I get a message I need to upgrade to iTunes 8.0 ( on Windows 2000). My problem is...Apple carry on in their commercials about how "Windows friendly" their products are, well if that is the case, they should be supporting EVERY version of windows (from 2000 on, DOS based 98 and earlier really sucked). XP was actually built on top of 2000 (the core of XP is 2000) so I am inclined to believe that maybe Microsoft and Apple have a secret 'upgrade' collusion. Apple is no better than Microsoft, at least with building your own PC, you have a choice in hardware, etc. Apple's hardware is overpriced to say the least and the secret identifier chip on their motherboards just prove they are no better. F*ck you Apple and f*ck you Steve Jobs.


  1. It's not the problem of not supporting windows 2000, it's just that you need to upgrade to a new version of iTunes, it has nothing to do with your operating system or whether you use a pc or mac.

  2. Apple wants you to upgrade to XP to run iTunes 8.0, go check it out before you spout please. Hmmph. :-/

  3. By the way, I think it's because XP is infested with Digital Rights Management (DRM, the software that comes with XP, slows it down and makes sure you don't steal licensed material, EVEN IF IT IS YOUR OWN). Case solved, crApple and Microsh*t are both just as zealous about sucking every dollar out of you possible, EVEN IF YOU PAY FOR THE LICENSED MATERIAL YOURSELF (some store-bought DVDs won't even play on an XP machine because of DRM). I am the original author of this complaint and am sick of being treated like a thief and pirate by crApple and Microsh*t. Time to go back to Linux.

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