Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poor Cell Phone Service

Location: Other, Matteson
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Verizon Wireless

I had to keep replacing a cell phone I originally purchased from Verizon Wireless because I kept having problems with it. This phone was purchased for my mother-in-law so it wasn't for a child who could possibly damage the phone. After replacing her phone twice she would have needed the phone to be replaced a third time but she refused and decided to take her services elsewhere. Why should I be stuck with paying an early termination fee when I received horrible service?

They should have been willing to credit the fee or atleast credit half of it. I also previously added another phone line to the account but never signed any documentation saying that I agreed to an additional two year contract. I believe someone at the store signed the contract and said that I did. I keep asking for a copy of all of the documentation I signed to show that the signatures are different and they will not send it to me.

Be weary of their services, they don't care about their customers. The only thing they offered me was an upgrade but that comes with signing a one or two year contract. Why would I do that when I am not happy with their services? What sense does that make.

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