Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Location: Nova Scotia, dartmouth
Industry: Automotive

leased new 2006 Persuit from Mac Phee Pontiac through leasing mgr, Roger Hamilton.I was concerned about owing for extra kilometers at end of leased so purchased 24000 extra from Roger.I was told by him if i did not use them would get refund .Well i returned car in Junebecause i recieved recall notice for power steering took car in and as told my car was not scheduled until October at which time by the way my lease would expire .I had 88000 on car when returned base limit was 95000 went after my paid 24000 extra kilo refund was told they are not i returned car early .I spoke to GMAC and GM Canada and explained reason because or recall not being done when i asked and that if it had been done i probably would have kept car .I was then told different story that story was it did not matter the extra kilometers purchased is not refundable and GMAC DOES NOT STAND BEHIND WHAT YOU ARE TOLD BY PERSON YOU DEAL WITH WHEN LEASING CAR ,I WAS TOLD I SHOULD HAVE CALLED GMAC TO CHECK OUT WHAT I WAS TOLD BY LEASING MGR. BEFORE I PURCHASED THOSE KILOMETERS . Also charged for wear and tear for nrw tire 120.00 when i questioned this i was told new tire not put on car but they are able to charge for one .Just to note these tires were installed 10 days before i returned car so if this tire did not pass safety it would not have been put on .My car was not inspected when i returned it as required within 24hrs it sat on lot for over 2 weeks so what ever happened to it there i do not know but i do know the tire is questionable. Also charged for wear and tear on kilo not even base used kilometers .SO IF YOU PURCHASE OR LEASE VEHICLE THROUGH GMAC MAKE SURE YOU DO YOU YOUR CALLING BEFORE YOU SIGN CONTRACTS BECAUSE WORD MEANS NOTHING.

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