Sunday, August 15, 2010

Savvy Fashions the store that HATES children

Location: British Columbia, Harrison hot springs
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Owner/stick up her ass dragon lady that was wound to tight

NEVER SHOP AT SAVVY FASHIONS!!!!!I have never ever had service like this before. The lady was so rude and had the worst attitude I have ever seen. She wasn't even trying to hide the fact that she didn't wan't my children in her store. She literally followed my children around and was nit picking everthing they looked at. This being a small town she was probably the owner so she wanted her store to look nice but to treat us that way was unreal. She went straight to the front til and brought out the windex and paper towel to clean everything my children touched. My daughter was looking at wallets and lady starightens them up the moment my daughter sets one down to look at the next. The funny thing is I wanted to buy one until she did that. then she got snotty once I said to my mom lets go somewhere that were welcome. She clearly doesn't want people with children in her store spending money. A small tourist town like harrison hot springs of all places. I was really sad because I pride myself on how friendly people are in BC. The other thing I noticed was about half of the other store owners/workers were also unfriendly. Not a smile or small talk to make us feel welcome. I could tell that some of the gift shops the older women who worked the til just had the meanest look on their faces. they would rather be somewhere else. I loved the beach and tourist in harrison but the service makes not want to go back.

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