Saturday, June 25, 2011


Location: British Columbia, Coquitlam
Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: Speedy Auto Glass

So I got a cracked windshield, took my car to Speedy Auto Glass for replace the entire windshield. After 4 hours at the shop, I go back and find a part of the hinge cover by the hood missing. 

My car was awkwardly parked across the Speedy Auto Glass Shop, they probably parked there, hoping I would go in and pay and hop back into my car without noticing the damage, as it was at the passenger's side. 

I went in to ask about the damage and the Technician, who did not show his face, shouted out 'it was already like that when the car was brought in'. WHATEVER!!! They so damaged it, and tried to covered it and when I asked about it, they DENIED IT. 

At least be honest and just admit and pay for the replacement.

I honestly hate dishonestly. Going to speak with the Manager and see what will be done.

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