Saturday, October 15, 2011

Selling Empty Games

Location: Ontario, Scarborough
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: EbGames

I went to purchase Killzone 3 Collector's Edition because it was on sale. I went to pick it up. Opened the box. No Game, no artbook, no voucher. I went next day and the told the sales guy about the incident. They said they would exchange it. I recieved no apology or any explanation of why they gave me a box with no product. I told him: I wanted my money back. He calls the manager on the phone because he can that I am clearly irate. The manager tells him to tell me exchange only. I completely refuse and I demand to speak to cowardly manager who is ordering his subordinate. The manager refuses to speak to me. I was livid at this point. I demanded a refund, after about 15 min of arguing finally got my money back.

To put things in context I've spent about $2,000 this year on gaming. I will never set foot in that trash pile they call business.

Ebgames treats customers like absolute shit. Stay far far away from there business. Go to Futureshop, Best Buy or Amazon.

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